Opera for a New Generation

An Internet Sensation

In an attempt to save a forgotten and sadly deteriorated fresco of Jesus, an elderly woman in Borja, Spain, tries her hand at its restoration only to make matters worse. Outrage is rampant and threats are made. Even the ghost of the fresco’s original artist gets into the act. Swept up by social media the story becomes an internet sensation, drawing tourists from around the world, helping restore the woman’s reputation and revitalizing the economy of the struggling town.

The Media

The international media’s on-going fascination with the “Ecce Homo” has played a huge role in Cecilia’s transformation from villain to hero. Hundreds of media outlets have run tens of thousands of words accounting for millions of media impressions. Saturday Night Live has featured Cecilia’s story on its Weekend Update segment three times, as interest in her transgression and ultimate redemption remains very much alive. Her happy ending has become the stuff of legend.

Why Opera?

When big operatic themes like faith, love, and forgiveness clash online so does the surreal with the sublime. Confusion erupts and hilarity ensues. With a contemporary setting, a plot dripping with comedy both high and low, and a beautiful, highly accessible score and libretto, in both English and Spanish, we believe our opera has worldwide theatrical appeal.