Why Opera

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¿Why Opera?

Behold The Man/La Ópera del Ecce Homo is a hybrid; a “gateway” operatic musical comedy—character-driven, dynamic, fast-paced and funny—with a tender heart and beautiful, accessible music.
As a recent Broadway hit musical took flight from the gritty wittiness of rap and hip hop, Behold The Man makes its entrance from the emotionally overcharged and comically outrageous world of opera.
Created for audiences of all ages, with the premise “your disaster is often the source of your miracle,” this is opera for a new generation.

A Dozen Reasons Why Behold The Man Opera Will Be a Genre-busting, Audience-widening Sensation.

1.- Behold The Man is a fairy tale “gateway” operatic musical comedy.

2.- It’s based on a story that exploded on social media in 2012 and is already known to hundreds of millions of people around the world, especially those native web users, 16-38.

3.- BTMO’s potential to draw a younger, more diverse audience is without peer in the contemporary repertoire.

4.- Even before a first production, our opera’s development has been reported on in publications including The New York Times, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vanity Fair and many others here and abroad, racking up millions of free media impressions. (Google “Ecce Homo Opera”)

5.- Four years after the original incident, the media still can’t get enough of Cecilia’s transgression, and the immense satisfaction that has come with her redemption.

6.- The first US production is guaranteed to draw a new wave of national and international attention. 


7.- Our story has an uplifting, easily assimilated message, Your disaster can also be your miracle, making it an “all ages” show; a family entertainment.

8.- The music is utterly accessible, with tuneful melodies and sublime orchestrations; blending pop, classical and Spanish folk styles. 


9.- The opera has the blessing and support of our real-life protagonist, Cecilia Giménez, and the town of Borja, Spain, where the story is set. A Spanish world premiere is planned there for Fall 2019.


10.- Once established, with productions in both English and Spanish, BTMO/LÓdEH will be produced around the world.

11.- Fifty years from now a generation of aging millennials will be able to say their very first opera experience was Behold The Man/ Ópera del Ecce Homo.

12.- And for those opera lovers who come to the art form with an existing appreciation, they’ll have reason to laugh and love it even more.

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