Barbara Duff


As the daughter of world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra timpanist, Cloyd Duff, Barbara learned of music’s powerful draw at an early age. After college, she lived in New York City working as an actor in film, television, and on stage. She appeared in hundreds of print, TV and radio commercials, and was featured in The Verdict with Paul Newman and James Mason, Ghostbusters with Bill Murray, and The Money Pit with Rodney Dangerfield. As one of the original members of the 29th Street Playhouse she produced Andrew Flack’s Naguibagua.

Upon leaving New York she entered the marketing and public relations sector, specializing in the organic food industry, the arts and cultural. She helped launch the television career of Andrew Zimmern, of Bizarre Foods fame, and later managed the career of Native American flutist and 2-time Grammy Award winner Robert Mirabal.